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Granox: Navtej Kohli Venture
                It is Granox's mission to maximize our oil and gas resources through the integration of methods, technology and manpower.

Granox Explorations - Company Profile

                Granox is a focused exploration and production company founded on the application of advanced technologies, utilizing a multi-discipline approach. Exploration focuses on the use of 3-D geophysical applications (GPR), applied in areas where thorough geological and geophysical practices have shown applicability for advanced techniques. Production and operations techniques also utilize advanced technology and applied methods in developing and producing company reserves.

                Granox Explorations was formed in November, 2006, focusing on 3-D seismic programs and the corresponding drilling possibilities as a result of 3-D activities. Granox Ltd is an independent oil and gas exploration company that is focused on acquiring, exploring and developing properties where we believe significant commercial reservoirs of oil and natural gas exist.
                 Granox President Navtej Kohli has started it with a six-person staff and three member board of directors and made the new base in virgin Russian oil fields in Europe.
                 Granox has a strong technical staff enabling it to react quickly and effectively on new opportunities, and has developed key industry alliances for Granox's Key projects. Granox has its sights on drilling and acquiring additional projects to continue the impressive growth trend established over the last few years.
  Granox Explorations dedicatedly working on environment safety and health related issues
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