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Granox Explotaions Responsibility

                 At Granox Explorations, we understand that the sources of energy are finite and their use comes at a cost to the environment. Unlike most oil explorations companies, we are environment friendly and conduct our operations in a manner that provides optimum protection to the environment. We have made it our mission to promote environmental awareness among the society and in an effort to achieve this goal we have pledged to plant one tree every month.

                We are also committed to our employee's heath and safety at work. That is why we ensure good working environment and take care of our employees' welfare. Besides this, we're always on a look out for talented people and world-class professional to participate in our ongoing research and development programs.
                 Fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal have been serving the mankind and providing us with convenient sources of energy from times immemorial. But as these resources are limited and take thousands of years to form again, the need for renewable sources of energy is now being given serious attention.
                 Researchers at Granox are continuously developing and implementing such renewable energy technologies that can deliver sustainable power for the future.
                Our research work in renewable area includes solar energy, fossil hybrids and the development of hydrogen technologies.
  Granox Explorations dedicatedly working on environment safety and health related issues
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