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                Autonomous oil and gas exploration companies play a key role in the global energy market. Besides ensuring a secure and diverse supply of fuels at competitive prices autonomous oil and gas exploration also encourage the participation of the capital market and the banking sector in their ongoing progress.

                He has handled projects from cradle to grave and is well versed in all aspects of oil, gas and coal bed methane operations. Mr. Kohli focuses most of his time in exploration and production of coal bed methane, petroleum and evaluation of other oil and natural gas reservoirs.

                For oil exploration, we primarily focus on the areas where geological, geophysical and engineering practices integrates perfectly with the advanced technology. Currently we are concentrating our 3-D efforts in the oil basins of . We maintain a large database of 3-D seismic, covering more than 3500 miles of the basin. Besides the 3-D coverage, Granox exploits its huge 2-D seismic lines database to assess and analyze new play concepts.
                 Being a socially responsible entity we will take all the necessary steps for being environment friendly. Knowing the fact that coal, oil and natural gas are finite resources of energy and its rapid consumption will soon take its toll on the environment, we are developing and applying renewable energy technologies to power future with a sustainable source of energy.
                 Development of technologies based on renewable energy offer considerable growth opportunities to both manufacturing and industrial sector.
  Granox Explorations dedicatedly working on environment safety and health related issues
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