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Feb, 08 – Renewable Energy R&D Priorities, Insights from Granox Technology Programmes

Feb, 20, 2008, Kent, The UK - Today at Kent, President Navtej Kohli has launched the Granox publication on renewable energy technologies entitled as “Renewable Energy R&D Priorities, Insights from Granox Technology Programmes.”

At the launch, he has announced company’s plans for a renewable energy project at a local level in Kent, featuring a mix of renewable energy technologies to deliver sustainable power for the future.

He said “Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas have provided us with economical and convenient energy sources and Granox is a leading energy company in this arena. However, we believe that they are finite resources and their use has come at an environmental cost. Owing to the above facts, Granox is developing and implementing renewable energy technologies to deliver sustainable power for the future.”

Mr. Kohli said that the opportunity to quickly increase the amount of energy generated from renewable resources in Kent is huge and renewable energy technologies can make major contributions to the diversity and security of energy supply and to economic development.

“Research has been performed on ways to vaporize landfill trash at very hot temperatures. The resulting gas would be used for variety of applications including generating electricity, fuel and heating furnaces” he said. “The only resource unavailable in Kent is geothermal energy. All other technologies and resources are available and overall renewable energy technologies are in a period of rapid global growth and cost reduction. For similar development in Kent, as seen across Europe and the world, there is an initial need for public demonstration and acceptance.” He added.

Once the first successful demonstrations of the more innovative technology have been delivered in Kent there is an opportunity to replicate a greater number of more commercial installations in the medium term.

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Renewable Energy Project

Renewable Energy R&D Priorities, Insights from Granox Technology Programmes

Navtej Kohli is visionaries always looking for new technology such can meet upcoming challenges and current requirement. Oil and Gas are the now essential thing in the daily life so we have to always in search for new areas which having much petroleum and gas resources .Also finding the best way for exploring to keep health and environment safety related issue as top priority . Also Granox Explorations having well established R & D team which are working for renewable energy products. © 2009  A Navtej Kohli Venture